Trying to navigate a creative career can be hard and confusing. I’m always trying different things and for a long time I’ve felt that I just wasn’t focused. During my coaching with Anna I began to see that the different aspects of design I was interested in were all following a set of values that I had buried in my subconscious mind. I began to be able to connect the dots, prioritise, and build that confidence in being selective with the work I choose to do. The result is phenomenal. Anna has a way of making a safe space around her which allowed me to be truthful about my day-to-day career struggles and through that we were able to find real solutions together that I use everyday.

NFC, Creator

I’ve just completed a short programme with Anna and it’s had an enormous impact. In my final session we focused on when I was going to make time to create content for my personal website (something I’d been talking about doing for 18 months). I had set myself a target of completing 25% of it within a week. However, I had a meeting cancelled that same day, and I felt so energised and confident that I sat and wrote for 3 solid hours with no interruption and it flowed. I had finished over half of my website. Thank you Anna, there’s no way that would have happened if it wasn’t for your coaching.

Nikki, Partnerships Director at Psychologies Magazine

Working with Anna has been a real pleasure. Her coaching came at the right time for me, just as I was at a crossroads and deciding how I was going to develop and launch my creative project.  Anna’s steady guidance, easy going nature and knowledge helped me to clarify what practical steps I needed to take to overcome any reservations and feel empowered to make things happen. I also found Anna’s flexible style of coaching to be compatible with my way of learning and absorbing information, which instilled an enormous amount of confidence in me  – I was very grateful to have her as a companion on my creative journey. 

Scharene, podcaster 

I really enjoyed my coaching with Anna. I’d never done anything like this before so I didn’t know what to expect, but straight away she put me at ease. I felt very comfortable in Anna’s presence which allowed me to open up about my issues. Working with Anna has helped me gain a clear focus of what my life goals are. I now feel confident, inspired and motivated to start my new design venture. I also have a more positive mindset when it comes to challenges – which is exciting!

Rachel, graphic designer

Anna’s coaching really helped me put things into perspective. As a fellow creative, it was great to talk with someone who understands the industry. She’s a great active listener, picking up on themes I had mentioned across different sessions and pulling them together to highlight for my attention. Through different exercises, we were able to drill down to what was important to me and made me realise I was being unduly hard on myself. This gave me the confidence to make better decisions – and be kinder to myself – so that I could be better equipped to deal with any wobble I may have in the future and, most importantly, keep being creative in a more positive way.

Genevieve, journalist

I really enjoyed Anna’s coaching. She is very compassionate, which helped me to open up. Her questions and feedback were on point. She helped me to realise where I’m at, as well as gain clarity about where I want to go, and how to get there. As a creative, it’s sometimes hard to find people who can follow your thoughts and ideas. I felt like I could really speak my truth with Anna, and be understood and seen for who I am.

Leonora, actor

Working with Anna has been super helpful. She’s been incredible at directing my jumble of creative thoughts and landing them. We’ve focused on turning ideas into projects into tangible products that exist in the real world. Thanks to Anna, my magazine idea has come to fruition. I have a clear strategy with pricing, timings and distribution all planned out. I thoroughly recommend working with Anna!

Nadia, Founder of Shy and Mighty